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How true is Woh Lamhe to Bhatt's life?
20 Sep 2006 - 1783 Views - admin
Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has done it again. Bhatt's relationship with yesteryear superstar Parveen Babi is now Mohit Suri's film Woh Lamhe.

So, who plays whom?

Kangana Ranaut plays Parveen Babi, Shiney Ahuja plays Mahesh Bhatt and debutant Shaad Randhwa plays a superstar who came in Parveen's life.

Did we hear Amitabh Bachchan?

“No not at all,” Randhwa said.

The film is based on Parveen Babi's life and much of the story is from the audiotapes that Parveen had recorded for Bhatt.

So, how real is Woh Lamhe?

- Mohit Suri: Actually it’s a fictional story based on true life incidents.

- Shiney Ahuja: It is inspired from something that happened in the past.

- Kangana Ranaut: The movie is loosely based on Parveen Babi's life.

Shaad Randhwa: It is fictional but real emotions. And there is none like me who exists in the industry.

Ok, we got it. But what do the people involved with this film feel about marketing someone's private life and making money out of someone's memories that were meant for one individual?

- Mukesh Bhatt: Whether it’s Christ or Ram used by BJP or Gandhiji used by Vinod Chopra, what’s wrong in that? It’s my brother’s personal life.

- Shiney Ahuja: My silence will be the right answer. And I am sure you understand what I mean.

- Mohit Suri: If you are putting me in defensive then I will not blame Mahesh Bhatt for leaking out the tapes but I will take my responsibility for this.

- Kangana Ranaut: If I were Parveen Babi I would have never liked it.

The Bhatts are known to make films that tend to grab eyeballs and Woh Lamhe, that releases next week, is bound to do so.