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Kangana slept with her maid!
21 Sep 2006 - 1886 Views - Gilda
Actress Kangana Ranaut made her maid to sleep with her because she was so scared to sleep alone during her forthcoming film ‘Woh Lamhe' shoots.

‘Woh Lamhe' is reportedly based on actress Parveen Babi and her alleged relationship with filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. Kangana is playing Parveen Babi's role in the film.

“I adopted her lifestyle, her personality and somewhere at the back of my mind she was always there. That's how I could bring out the emotions,” said Kangana in a recent interview.

“After playing the role of a traumatized and schizophrenic woman, after a point, I was scared to sleep alone so I made my maid sleep in my room. It's something that has never happened before," recounted Kangana.
- indiatarget.com