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Two left feet? Kangana...‘She’s a light-weight’
21 Sep 2006 - 1707 Views - Gilda
Bobby Deol survived being stepped on by Kangana Ranaut because she is thin, while dancing with her. Only to be poked in the eye...

Kangana Ranaut has proved her acting capability with films like Gangster and Woh Lamhe, but make her shake a leg and she freezes.

Bobby Deol vouches for Kangana's lack of dancing prowess since he was at the receiving end of it recently.

He was stepped on, kicked and even being poked in the eye by the actress who seems to have two left feet. "She's very good at Indian dancing. But she tends to get put off by Western dancing. So while doing songs for Suneel Darshan's Shaka Laka Boom Boom, she was really uncomfortable," says Bobby.

Her discomfort was evident by the way she kept stepping on Bobby's toes. "She even poked my eye while dancing," says Bobby. "She's so tall! And yes, she kept stepping on my toes, but thank God she's quite a light-weight. Imagine my plight if she were a heavy-weight heroine," Bobby laughs. "Jokes apart. Kangana needs to get stronger. I kept telling her to have glucose between shots."

In sharp contrast, Bobby enjoys dancing. "I always have. It's a good form of releasing stress. But I don't go for choreographed movements as much as spontaneous moves. There are many movements that I still can't bring myself to do, for instance the pelvic gyration. It's become routine now and has ceased to look vulgar.

But I can't do it, just like I can't do kissing scenes. Although I have said 'no' to them so far, you never know about the future. My golden rule of living is, never say never. That way you don't have to eat your words."

• Imagine my plight if Kangana were a heavy-weight heroine – Bobby Deol
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