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Panic in Bhatt camp?
9 Oct 2008 - 1561 Views - admin
The striking similarity in some scenes in Mohit Suri's Raaz and Vikram Bhatt's 1920 has created panic in the Bhatt camp (or so we are told).

The buzz is that Mohit Suri has to reshoot some portions of Vishesh Films Raaz The Mystery Continues because some scenes are strikingly similar to the ones in Vikram Bhatt's 1920.

Our source said, "Emraan Hashmi saw 1920 some days ago at a suburban theatre. He panicked when he saw that some of the scenes in 1920 were very similar to the ones in his upcoming film Raaz.

So he called up the production house, Vishesh films to inform them. Incidentally, the similarity in both the films doesn't end only with the scenes. Adah Sharma in 1920 and Kangana Ranaut in Raaz, both the female protagonists are possessed by the ghost.

In 1920, Adah Sharma is possessed by Indraneel Sengupta's character, while in Raaz Kangana is possessed by the ghost of Jackie Shroff's character. Considering the fact that 1920 was a hit and was watched by most people, now Vishesh films want to reshoot those scenes of Raaz."

We sent a text message to Emraan, but he did not revert. However, Mohit Suri said, "It is true that Emraan saw 1920 but there was no discussion as he did not like the film at all. In fact Vikram also wanted me to watch his film but I have been so busy with Raaz that I did not find the time to watch it. However there is no similarity between both the films."

When asked about the similarity in the scenes, he said, "Yes Kangana is possessed in Raaz but my film is based on religious superstitions while, from what I have heard about 1920, it is a film about a curse."

Finally, when asked him whether he was reshooting the film, Suri said, "My film is complete and I am only reshooting my patch work. There are scenes where the make up is not right or where I need a close up of some hands."

Incidentally, the original Raaz was directed by Vikram Bhatt and had Dino Morea, Bipasha Basu and Malini Sharma in lead roles.