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To play Madhubala
24 Dec 2008 - 1366 Views - admin
Director Milan Luthria is yet to finalise the actress who will play the role of Madhubala in his next film Once Upon A Time in Mumbai.

Ekta Kapoor and Milan Luthria are in the last stages of pre-production for their ambitious film Once Upon A Time in Mumbai which is based on the life of the Underworld don Haji Mastan from 60’s till the 80’s. However Milan is confused about who should play Madhubala as the then underworld don Haji Mastan was in love with her.

Our source said, “The film has Ajay Devgan, who plays the character based on the life of underworld don Haji Mastan, in a relationship with an actress who is very beautiful and is the tragedy queen of the Silver screen which is very similar to the life of Madhubala. Mastan was devastated after her tragic death in the mid 60’s.”

The source further added, “Milan is currently looking for an actress for this role in the film and is in talks with Katrina, Kangana and Priyanka for the role. However he has not yet finalised anyone.”

Emraan Hashmi will play the role of the young Dawood in the film.

We tried to get in touch with Milan Luthria but he was unavailable for comment.
- KUNAL M SHAH Mumbai Mirror