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Kangna Ranaut sees red!
14 Jan 2009 - 2348 Views - admin
Kangna Ranaut is unique. And there’s really none like her. Bold and forthright.

So what did the girl do now? Well, nothing too drastic, she simply went and coloured her hair red! But it was for her look in the film Raaz 2.

Kangna’s hair is her USP. “People called me Saibaba when I was young. I wasn’t too sure I liked my hair then, but I seem to like it now given that everyone loves it,” says Kangna, who even straightened out her tresses for Life In a Metro.

“It’s fun experimenting. I tend to get bored pretty fast, so the fact that I get to play different roles and sport different hairdos in films makes life interesting.”

But with the number of controversies Kangs has courted, the ‘interesting’ bit must come naturally to her…
- Bombay Times