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Kangna goes the British way
4 Feb 2010 - 1434 Views - admin
This is what they call coming back to square one…

The leading lady’s role of Abhinay Deo’s tentatively titled film ‘Crooked’ was hopping from one actress to another. First Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, then Pakistani actress Soniya Jehan… And now it has finally come on the lap of our slim beauty Kangna Ranaut, who was in fact offered the role in the first place.

Besides being paired opposite Abhishek Bachchan for the first time, Kangna will be featured in never-before avatar – a rough-tough character and sans glam!

Here, the actress said to play a UK-based undercover cop, for which Kangna had to get her fighting skills and accent right for the British-Asian character. While it is easier for her to get into an athletic frame, the Himachal ki gori seems to have a hard way to get the British tongue.

But ask her about her role in the film, Kangna says, “I can’t talk about my role at all. All I can say is it is something I’ve never played before. Very intense, agile, and yes, free of glamorous trappings.”

Okie Kangna all the best to you… Hope your new image work wonders.
- IndiaGlitz