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Kangana and Maddy sing in each other’s praise
11 May 2010 - 2785 Views - admin
Madhavan and Kangna Ranaut seem to have formed a mutual admiration society ever since they started working together on their forthcoming film, Tanu Weds Manu.

Madhavan has been raving about Kangna’s professionalism. While shooting for a scene, Kangna fell off a bike and severely injured her ankles but she didn’t throw any tantrum, stall the shoot or ask for special treatment. She just continued with the scene.

This impressed Maddy no end and he called her 'a brave girl'. Thankfully, Kangna didn't suffer any broken bones and even the cuts on her legs weren't so deep that they required stitches.

Kangana in turn is often heard talking about what a great actor Maddy is.
- indiainfo.com