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Paris Hilton wants Kangna Ranaut for her clothing line
8 Aug 2010 - 3181 Views - admin
Mumbai: It seems like times have changed for actress Kangna Ranaut as she is bagging numerous deals after the success of ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’. The beauty looked chic and elegant in her retro look in the film, which has impressed not only Indian brands but international brands as well.

Latest report has it that Paris Hilton has approached the petite beauty to be the Asian brand ambassador of her clothing line Paris Hilton Fashions. According to a source, “The brand carries Paris` signature style -- fun, flashy, bright. Kangna was short listed because of her edgy approach to fashion.”
“Kangna is considered to be a stylish girl who experiments, takes risks and sets trends," the source further said.

It is reported that the brand has done extensive research about her career, image and style sense before offering her the meaty endorsement. It is very likely that she has been offered a bomb by the fashion line.

A source close to the actress revealed, "Nothing is final as yet and if Kangna signs it, it will be her first international fashion brand."

We hope that there is no end to Kangna’s success story!
- Spicezee Bureau