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Bhandarkar's 'Fashion' isn't about two gay designers
16 Oct 2007 - 521 Views - admin
MUMBAI: Madhur Bhandarkar is flattered and slightly worried by the constant speculation on who will be who in his latest venture 'Fashion'. The latest report that the film revolves around the rivalry between two male fashion designers over a model has the director flummoxed.

"First of all my protagonists are not male. Priyanka Chopra is the person from whose perspective the whole film unfolds. Her character is followed by Kangana Ranaut who also has a very powerful role. The rest of the characters are yet to be cast," Bhandarkar told. Read More...
Why Kangana saved so much
17 Sep 2007 - 854 Views - admin
The small-town enchantress Kangana Ranaut has made it big. Proof of it? In two years or less Kangana has bought her own place.

Kangana fell in love with her three-bedroom soon-to-be dream house the minute she saw it.

"But it was way too expensive. But you know how stubborn I am. I decided it's this house or none." Read More...
Will, hope and pride!
4 Sep 2007 - 596 Views - admin
It took a long time for Samir Karnik to release his second film [although NANHE JAISALMER was ready for release in 2006, it will hit the screens next week, on September 14], but he's ready with his third film already -- ROSHAN.

“You'll get to see the NANHE JAISALMER team -- Bobby Deol and child actor Dwij Yadav -- in ROSHAN as well, albeit enacting different roles. It's the second film in the series. No, it's not a sequel to NANHE JAISALMER. The stories are different, the setting is different, only the cast remains the same,” Samir tells me. Kangana Ranaut is the leading lady of this film. Read More...
Kangana: New Levi's model
29 Aug 2007 - 677 Views - admin
Kangana Ranaut, who's currently shooting Roshan with Bobby Deol, has cut herself a sweet deal with the denim company Levi's. While she's bound by contract not to speak about the deal, we've learnt that Ranaut's been paid a whopping amount for the campaign. Previously, Bipasha Basu and Sushmita Sen have modelled for the denim brand.

Says a source close to Kangana, "She will shoot three print campaigns for Levi's this year. In fact, she's shooting the first one in Malaysia right now. Read More...
White nights ahead!
23 Aug 2007 - 731 Views - admin
Kangana Ranaut moves into her new, spacious apartment at Bandra, where the predominant colour is white!

Kangana Ranaut has moved out of her modest Versova house to a spacious new apartment at Bandra. The actress, who had been looking for a new house for a long time finally found one that perfectly fit the bill in terms of budget as well as location.

Kangana, who is recently back from Turkey, says, “I finally found a nice place that I can call home.” Read More...
Kangana Ranaut
15 Aug 2007 - 725 Views - admin
Freedom to me is the power to be anywhere without fear. I don't think women in our country have got that freedom yet.

Last year, my sister Rangoli was attacked with acid because she said no to a man. I consider myself a fearless pahadi ladki, but I don't have the freedom to say no.

When I refuse a role, I'm labelled arrogant. When I want to be out of a relationship, I'm labelled arrogant. Read More...
Kangana follows Mallika, Ekta!
10 Aug 2007 - 737 Views - admin
Turkey is fast becoming the hottest spot for Bollywood to shoot, and to holiday.

Ask Dino Morea who has just returned from one of his coolest holidays in Turkey. "I had gone with some friends expecting nothing. But I came back satiated. It was fun and relaxing. Yeah, I want to go back again as soon as possible." Read More...

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