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I'll never get a boob-job done!
4 Aug 2007 - 665 Views - admin
Kangana Ranaut who once boasted about her serene nature and flawless skin is now all stressed up. Perhaps hard life in a metro, work pressure and erratic hours are taking toll on this small-town actor's health.

But her hard work has paid her well. After two years of hardship Ranaut has bought her dream home at Turner Road. Read More...
The ‘Bindass’route to Space
27 Jul 2007 - 578 Views - admin
Reflecting the attitude of young India is Brand Bindass, and celebrating its spirit with an unique initiative is ‘Bindass Space Yatra’ a nationwide hunt for the first young Indian space tourist!

The lucky winner of this soon-to-be-started hunt will travel as a passenger on board RocketPlane XP, a commercial flight, into space. Read More...
Ranaut's Glitzkrieg
16 Jul 2007 - 595 Views - admin
Touted as the most sensational newcomer in Bollywood, this petite siren has maintained her dream pace.

She is four films old, but has already taken home 8 prestigious awards. Barely 3 years in Bollywood, not many 20-year-olds can boast such an accomplishment. But considering that this actress chose to assay roles that even a seasoned actress would hesitate to take up – that of an alcoholic gangster's moll and a vulnerable schizophrenic – it's little wonder that she is touching the pinnacle of stardom so early in her life. Read More...
Anurag Basu signs three film deal with UTV
13 Jul 2007 - 438 Views - admin
At the success party of Life in a… Metro on Thursday, it was announced that UTV had signed a three film deal with Metro director Anurag Basu.

One of the films will be a sequel to Metro which will have the same star cast as well as the Metro band which was an integral part of the film.

Apart from that, he also will be directing Suicide Bomber for Vishesh films. Read More...
It's about time
26 Jun 2007 - 722 Views - admin
After Bobby Deol criticised Kangana Ranaut's dancing ability in Shakalaka Boom Boom, the actress has taken it too seriously and is learning Kathak now…

It seems that Kangana Ranaut has taken her co-actor Bobby Deol's advice very seriously. It was reported that during the shooting of Shakalaka Boom Boom, Bobby expressed his feeling about Kangana's dance ability. A source says, "Bobby used to make fun of Kangana's dance steps, because she didn't know how to dance gracefully. But Kangana was not disappointed with his comment, but rather took it positively." Now we have information that the actress has joined dance class to groom herself as a dancer. Read More...
Kangana Ranaut wants to improve her dialogue delivery!
18 Jun 2007 - 523 Views - admin
Kangana Ranaut’s motive to learn classical singing is to improve her much-criticised dialogue delivery. Kangana Ranaut is confident that classical singing will help improve her voice quality. She says, “I’m sick and tired of people complaining about my dialogue delivery. I didn’t want to just take diction and voice classes.”

Kangana’s says that her teacher was initially hesitant but she stubbornly insisted on learning classical music. Her novel approach involves waking up very early. She says, “I wake up religiously at four in the morning to get ready for my riyaaz. My guru is Amitabh Chakraborty. Read More...
Foxy lady!
13 Jun 2007 - 811 Views - admin
This is one actress who really knows how to dress up. We love her casual chic style on the red carpet and Kangana Ranaut didn't disappoint at the IIFA awards.

She looked smashing in a gold gown with a plunging neckline when she went up to receive the Best Debut award, and stunningly sexy in a little black dress at another IIFA event. The make-up was minimal and the slightly messed up hair went perfectly with both outfits. All in all, great styling. Read More...

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