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Kangana’s mid-air scare
12 Jun 2007 - 538 Views - admin
“It was like one of those delayed reactions. Only now I realise how close I was to death,” Kangana trembles at the memory. On Monday morning Kangana and a host of Bollywood’s dignitaries including Shiamak Davar and his dance troupe were aboard a flight bringing them back from an Bollywood award event held in Yorkshire. Shudders Kangana, “The flight back to Mumbai was via Delhi. We landed in Delhi in the morning. Immediately after take-off from Mumbai the aircraft started to act funny, and it was brought back to Delhi.

We were told to disembark. But nobody was in the mood. Look, we had all been out of the country at a hectic event, performing, giving and receiving awards, sightseeing, dancing. Read More...
Sohail, Kangana plane engine fails mid-air!
11 Jun 2007 - 490 Views - admin
Air India flight from London developed engine trouble after it took off from Delhi airport!

At least 444 passengers, including 20 cabin crew, on board Air India's AI120 flight (London-Delhi-Mumbai) had a miraculous escape yesterday morning after a problem was detected in the plane after it took off from Delhi airport.

The passengers included Bollywood actors Sohail Khan and Kangana Ranaut. Choreographer Shiamak Davar's 85-year-old mother and ten journalists, including MiD DAY's Shradha Sukumaran (see right) were also on the flight. Read More...
Kangana Ranaut accuses Aamir Khan of being unprofessional.
4 Jun 2007 - 581 Views - admin
He may be a perfectionist but, he is very unprofessional according to Kangana. The actress shared that she was offered a role in ‘Kajri’ and was very excited about working with Aamir.

Bollywood’s attitude towards Kangana changed when the news spread about her being signed for a movie opposite Aamir. The actress further shared that offers started pouring in and big banners finally approached her. Read More...
Looking for that someone special
30 May 2007 - 620 Views - admin
HEY AMIR IT'S YOUR LOSS IF YOU DON'T CHOOSE KANGANA!!! From all of us here at KanganaRanaut.com!

It's a lesser-known fact that Konkona has been extremely keen on working with Aamir Khan. However, she is yet to sign the dotted line. In circles where it really matters, the buzz is that Aamir Khan's too stressed, courtesy the second leading lady of his latest production, Kajri. Read More...
'Watch out for the new Kangana!’
14 May 2007 - 733 Views - admin
When asked what makes the film ‘Metro’ special, actor Kangana Ranaut replies, “It is one of the most realistic films that I have done.

I play a girl-next-door. Though such roles seem boring, it’s easier playing roles based on fictional characters instead.” Read More...
7 May 2007 - 504 Views - admin
RS has brought to you some of the brightest stars of 2007 with the daily news, gossip and latest updates about their lives and film career. Now, RS predicts the next 10 years for them along with the hope of a more successful and memorable next 10 years of RS and you.

Hottest stars of 2007 and predictions on the next 10 years of their lives and career: Read More...
Kangana finds a suitable star!
4 May 2007 - 608 Views - admin
It hasn't been smooth sailing for Kangana Ranaut as far as co-stars are concerned. But now, having worked with Kay Kay Menon in Anurag Basu's Metro and Bobby Deol in Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Kangana has finally found a comfort level on screen that's been denied to her so far.

"I can't pretend about this. Bobby is indeed a reliable and helpful co-star. In fact, one of the best things about Shaka Laka Boom Boom was Bobby. He's so sober and dignified, a real contrast to some of the show-offs around," she says, tongue firmly in cheek. Read More...

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