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How Kangana gets the look!
28 Apr 2007 - 585 Views - admin
How Kangana gets the look

Glamorous 'n' sexy Kangana Ranaut says mood dictates her fashion sense!

Kangana Ranaut. The very name conjures an image of frail beauty, pretty dresses and striking accessories. That's Kangana for you — a young actress who has had her share of ups and downs in tinseltown, personal trauma and on-screen success. Read More...
Kangana practises restraint!
24 Apr 2007 - 738 Views - admin
The actress is off spicy food and thoughts of having a boyfriend. (Is Aditya Panscholi listening?)

After a publicly tumultuous time on the personal front, Kangana Ranaut seems to have sought recourse in spirituality. Consequently, she has acquired some unusual reading habits. "I'm currently reading a book on Swami Vivekananda. He prescribes restraint for a fruitful life. So I'm off spicy food and off any thoughts of a boyfriend. I believe restraint is much more important in life than self-indulgence," she says. Read More...
17 Apr 2007 - 709 Views - admin
A pretty Himachali girl hailing from the state's most picturesque place like Manali, Kangana Ranaut has of late dominated the film industry. We have watched her in her latest and recently released 'Shakalaka Boom Boom'.

Though she entered filmdom like many others from stage, she shot to fame even in her debut 'Gangster' of director Mahesh Bhatt. Bhatt was so happy with her performance that he offered her role in his next 'Woh Lamhe' even when 'Gangster' was being shot. Read More...
Kangana shows off her Red shoes!
8 Apr 2007 - 785 Views - admin
Frizzy-haired Kangana Ranaut is now the face of the Red Tape Shoes, which has launched their collection for women.

Kangana was chosen for her freshness, energetic and youthful appeal and also the fact that she has not yet appeared in any endorsements. This is Kangana's first ad.

Last week she shot for her first ad campaign which should appear soon. Read More...
Kangana Ranaut is cooking up a celebration!
4 Apr 2007 - 576 Views - admin
Kangana Ranaut and food have a strange connection; though it doesn’t show on her shapely body. Recently we told you that one of the most special men in her life is her cook.

The girl lives alone and all she craves for at the end of the day is hot, home-made khaana. Now we hear that when the actress is really happy, her way of celebrating the moment is spending cooking all day long. Read More...
Kangana still petrified of her parents!
31 Mar 2007 - 711 Views - admin
Kangana has come a long way from the hills of Dehradun. Regarded as one of the hottest (and haughtiest) newcomers in Bollywood, she is still a little girl at heart and petrified of her strict parents.

The 20-year-old actress talks about her younger days which were totally influenced by her parents:
"My mom and dad were very strict about what we were doing. I couldn't participate in any cultural or creative activities during my school days and wasn't even allowed to play any games. My parents just wouldn't allow it." Read More...
Kangana’s caught in a big bad world!
12 Mar 2007 - 595 Views - admin
Sometimes, Bollywood can be a messy place to be in, as young Kangana Ranaut is finding out. The actor has been in the news recently because of a bad phase in her personal life, but at the same time is getting accolades for her performances — she recently won an award too.

While detractors may say unpleasant things about the events in her life, it is a fact that the youngster is trying her best to cope alone in a strange city. Read More...

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