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Sound and fury
7 Apr 2007 - 855 Views - admin
The Suneel Darshan-Kangana face-off takes a new turn. The actress lost her cool when someone else dubbed for her in Shaka Laka...

The making of Shaka Laka Boom Boom hasn't been a very happy experience either for its director Suneel Darshan or his leading lady Kangana Ranaut.

From Day One, the two appeared to have a compatibility issue, culminating in what appeared to be an unresolvable face-off when Kangana's voice was dubbed in another voice which sounds suspiciously like that of the film's supporting actress Celina Jaitley! Read More...
Film Review: Shaka Laka Boom Boom
7 Apr 2007 - 649 Views - admin
And that rating is only because one has to give something. Suneel Darshan’s latest masala flick has broken all records in how appallingly bad cinema can get.

Shaka Laka Boom Boom comes in the category of less then B-grade movies with more than B-grade actors… umm… err… stars rather.

The film revolves around the ego of a commercially superior artist and how it destroys everything that he cherishes. Read More...
Review Update!
7 Apr 2007 - 0 Views - admin
Greetings Everyone,

The reviews are in for 'Shaka Laka Boom Boom' at the Kangana forum.

Thanks for visiting! We wish you a splendid weekend!
B.O. update: 'S.L.B.B.' better at multiplexes
6 Apr 2007 - 692 Views - admin
The week witnessed the release of two diverse films. The first one is a commercial film, while the other is a realistic fare.

SHAKALAKA BOOM BOOM has opened to a better response at multiplexes as compared to the single screens. The opening was in the range of 30%-50% [a few shows were better]. Read More...
Success can spoil Kangana Ranaut
19 Mar 2007 - 696 Views - admin
Suneel Darshan whose Shaka Laka Boom Boom is ready for release, feels there's a concerted effort to pull down his new protégé Upen Patel.

He feels Upen is all set to become a big star. "I'm so confident about him.

His body language is amazing. And my presentation of Upen shows what magic an actor can create if the director has faith in him. I don't want to compare him with Akshay Kumar. Read More...
Shakalaka Boom Boom - Where music is the winner
12 Mar 2007 - 609 Views - admin
Film maker Suneel Darshan has been known for making films that are soaked in Indian heritage, culture and emotions.

Even though most of his films are set in urban India, they have a strong undercurrent of deep rooted Indian feel to them that have labeled him as a film maker who rarely breaches out to create something that touches upon contemporary India. Read More...
Upen-Celina kiss!
7 Mar 2007 - 776 Views - admin
Model-turned-actor Upen Patel seems to be in a kissing spree. As per latest, the Bollywood hunk has shot sizzling kissing scenes for forthcoming 'Shakalaka Boom Boom' with two of its leading ladies Celina Jaitley and Kangana Ranaut.

The film also stars Bobby Deol; however Bobby has no kiss scenes in the film. Read More...

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