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Woh Lamhe on Sale!
1 Nov 2006 - 0 Views - admin
Greetings Everyone,

Woh Lamhe is on sale now at Nehaflix.com! Get your copy today...and enjoy!

Prob 'Lam'he!
20 Oct 2006 - 925 Views - admin
The Bhatt brothers, Mahesh and Mukesh, seem to have shared a decent equation with Shiney Ahuja in Gangster and Woh Lamhe, but they might have to rest content doing fewer films with him. Reason?

Their nephew and director, Mohit Suri doesn't want to work with Ahuja again, as they did not share a comfort level while filming Woh Lamhe. Read More...
Her moment
12 Oct 2006 - 957 Views - admin
Kangana Ranaut has emerged as the most exciting new talent to watch.

She’s being praised to the skies for her second ‘scar’-turn as the traumatised, schizophrenic actress. But for Kangana playing Parveen Babi in Woh Lamhe... hasn’t been easy. In fact the role has left her so emotionally drained that she now intends to take a month off from work to regain emotional strength. Read More...
Subhash K Jha on the ups and flips of Woh Lamhe
4 Oct 2006 - 792 Views - admin
Woe lamhe. Wow lamhe! Bitter moments, ecstatic moments, gut-wrenching trauma and heart-breaking ecstacy. These are feelings that define the moments between the director and his muse in this accomplished take on man woman and guile.

Welcome to Mahesh Bhatt's world of dark desperate shadows where the fragile are broken and the sensitive damaged beyond repair. Read More...
Woh Lamhe
4 Oct 2006 - 913 Views - admin
Mahesh Bhatt is out to exorcise the demons of onetime flame Parveen Babi. That — and that alone — gives Woh Lamhe a box-office edge. Page 3 gossip is always fodder for spice. And if the essence is autobiographical purgation on the part of a motor mouth film mogul whose credo has forever been ‘tell-all’, what more do you want? Read More...
Kangana Ranaut emotionally drained by 'Woh Lamhe'
2 Oct 2006 - 825 Views - admin
Playing a schizophrenic woman took such a toll on actress Kangana Ranaut that by the end of the movie she felt “emotionally drained”.

Kangana has indeed made rapid strides in Hindi film industry. After giving a noteworthy performance in her very first film Gangster , Kangana has now shown glimpses of the actress in her by convincingly playing the challenging role of a highly phobic and delusional woman in Mahesh Bhatt’s latest presentation Woh Lamhe . Read More...
Woh Lamhe Add to hotlist! 'Something To Cherish!'
1 Oct 2006 - 1034 Views - admin
For a director who's just two-films old, this film seems to be an accomplishment for Mohit Suri. The film has been made with a lot of conviction. But there are some flaws.

The male protagonist, Shiney Ahuja, looks more like a film star than a director while the other hero or villain, Nikhil (Shaad Randhawa), whichever way you want to look at him, is quite ugly to be a popular film star. Read More...

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